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Editing Services


What This Means

  • This includes high-level narrative suggestions, and help with story outlining (pacing of events). It also includes detailed notes on the story's characters and their development, as well as big picture concepts like themes, mood, settings, morals/lessons/social statements, and point of views. At the completion of a developmental edit, you can expect a written report containing a suggested blueprint/outline including all relevant options and detailed commentary and notes for story and character improvements.


What This Means

  • This includes mid-level narrative suggestions on story structure (chapter, paragraph, and line placements) and uses of symbolism and other narrative techniques such as irony, foreshadowing, and exposition. It also includes detailed assessments of dialogue, style, voice, and flow. At the completion of the line edit, you can expect in-text commentary on suggested improvements to the language and flow of your story as well as relevant "Track Changes" notation.


What This Means

  • This includes low-level narrative suggestions on word choice, sentence structure, and the use of literary techniques and figurative language like metaphors, similes, alliteration, and onomatopoeia. At the completion of the copy edit, you can expect in-text commentary on the use of literary techniques throughout the manuscript as well as "Track Changes" notations on obvious grammar, spelling, and typo mistakes. 

  • IMPORTANT:  A copy edit is NOT a proofread, therefore we cannot guarantee perfect grammar and spelling throughout your manuscript as this is not the focus of this level of editing. Due to our limited staffing and the wide availability of alternate proofreaders in the market, we do not currently offer proofreading services. However, for a small additional fee, our copy editor can run the manuscript through a professionally supervised grammar check using the "Premium" version of Grammarly. Again, we cannot guarantee flawless grammar in your manuscript and recommend a secondary read-through with a professional proofreader and/or beta reader.

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