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About Me

Mission Statement

We seek to provide honest, tailored feedback that empowers writers to bring their characters to life. We are passionate about and dedicated to the process of story creation, and we seek to provide writers with a editing partner they can rely on each step of the way.

Adriana R. King



I’ve been passionate about the art of story telling my whole life, but it was not until I went to college in New York City that I discovered the depth and beauty of a story well-told. I also spent time studying abroad at Oxford University. There I learned that every literary technique carries its own value in a story. After college, I spent 3 years as an English Literature and Composition teacher where I learned the importance of grammar on the flow and style of writing, provided individualized writing feedback, and discovered that editing makes our minds stronger and our writing more intentional. I am now the head literary expert, editor, book doctor, and story consultant at Fantastic Literary Services. I specialize in developmental/substantive editing with an emphasis on narrative theory and literary techniques. I work primarily with creative fiction, but I also have experience with curriculum development and educational resources for K-12.


One thing I have learned in all my experiences is that story is everywhere. It is how we learn and teach, how we communicate, how we imagine and explore, and how we dream. Every good story is as fantastically unique as its writer, and, yet, as familiar to us as a friend. This is why I strive to provide honest, tailored feedback and a dedicated editing partner you can rely on each step of the way. I get to know you, so the world can know your story.


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