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To provide:

* Honest, tailored feedback that helps bring your characters to life.

*A dedicated editing partner who can work with you every step of the way.

Our Mission


Our Services

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What This Includes

  • A one-on-one conversation with our head literary expert to discuss broad story concepts, potential stumbling blocks and solutions, and story planning.

  • 1-2 pages of discussion notes

Cost of Service

  • 1- hour session - 7,500 max word count: $250

  • 2-hour session - 15,000 max word count: $450

  • For each additional 1,000 words: $20

Story Consultant

If you have a bad case of writer's block and are struggling to start, continue, or finish your story, then contact us to sign up for a consultation session lasting up to two hours. Prices as low as $250.

If you have a completed manuscript but don’t know what to do next, then contact us to sign up for a Book Diagnostic. This package includes a FREE Reader's Review and Editorial Assessment of your manuscript. Prices as low as $550.

Book Doctor

What This Includes

  • A Reader's Review of first impressions

  • An Editorial Assessment of big picture concepts and suggestions for improvement

  • A "prescribed" course of action for the next step in your editing journey

Cost of Service

  • 50,000 words or under : $550

  • 50,001-100,000 words: $1,500

  • Over 100,000: $0.02 each additional word

  • FREE Quote and Sample Edit

  • A page-by-page review of big picture concepts

  • A written assessment at the end of each chapter

  • A Q+A session with the editor upon completion of the manuscript

What This Includes

Cost of Service

  • Sign up for a free quote with the submission of the first 1,500 words of your manuscript.
  • For $50, we can also provide an editing consultation or sample edit.
  • Check out our various Payment Plans

  • In support of teachers, we also offer an educator discount

Developmental Editor

If you have a completed manuscript and need to start the editing process, then check out our developmental/content editing services. All editing packages come with a FREE quote.

I would like to thank Fantastic Literary Services, for their invaluable advice, editing services, and constant support without which my book would never have been fit for publication.

Amanda M. Cetas, author of Thrown to the Wind (Book 1 from a series A Country for Castoffs)


About Us

"We Get to Know You so the World Can Know Your Story."

I’ve been passionate about the art of story telling my whole life, but it wasn’t until college in NYC that I discovered the depth and beauty of a story well-told. I also studied abroad at Oxford University. There I learned that every literary technique carries its own value in a story. After college, I spent 3 years as an English teacher where I provided individualized writing feedback and discovered that editing makes our minds stronger and our writing more intentional.


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